Building your business takes knowledge.

Introducing BUILD Small B* School:
Business school for small towns and the businesses that grow within them.

“How do I start/scale/market/finance/grow? ”

Over the years, we’ve heard this questions asked hundreds of times in hundreds of different ways. Small business who want to start up, scale, or create a strategy for success reached out to us with questions about how to take their next step. Small towns want to engage their businesses and revitalize their downtowns, but aren’t sure how or where to begin.

We realized that there is a gap in the small town/small business learning curve. BUILD Small B* School is here to fill it.

Developed by the experts at Small Nation, BUILD Small B* School was created to arm small towns and small businesses with the foundational business knowledge they need to start, revive, grow and thrive.

BUILD Small B* School offers multiple ways to learn. From in-house seminars led by other small business owners who are experts in their fields, to business basics from our online learning curriculum to expert mentorship and advice from our BUILD Mastermind Program, there are opportunities to learn at every level.

BUILD Small B* School is open to BUILD members and non-members alike. Small B* School online programs are self led… learn at your own pace!


Small B* School registration open soon!

Program development for BUILD Small B* School is currently in development with plans to launch early 2021. Registration will only be open for a limited time, so be sure to sign up so we can send you a note before class begins!

    Let’s learn.

    Take a look at some of the programs that will be offered at BUILD Small B* School
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    BUILD it From Scratch


    BUILD it From Scratch

    Learn everything you need to know about how to start your business from scratch, from business registration and bank accounts to financing and financial plans. Learn best practices from BUILD experts that will set you up the right way from the very beginning.

    BUILD it to Grow


    Have a business and want to scale?

    Learn how to gauge your market, identify your growth segments, review your capacity, technology, and infrastructure, put together a financing package, train your team, and plan your next steps. BUILD experts will guide you through creating a growth strategy that works.

    BUILD your Brand


    Is your message mushy?

    Creating a clear message about who you are and the value you offer is crucial to differentiating you from your competitors and converting interest to sales. BUILD experts walk you through the importance of creating a brand story and image that has an impact.

    BUILD your Brand — Destination Edition
    Ready to promote your small town as a destination for visitors?

    Creating a successful destination brand is about much more than telling people where to go and what to do. Small towns across the country are competing for the attention of visitors.
    Those who are successful are amping up their branding game, creating authentic identities and messaging that reflects the distinct personality of their towns. In this lesson, BUILD experts will help guide towns and municipalities through the most important elements of destination brand development, from digging beyond the surface to identify values to being fearless in positioning your town in the most unique way possible.

    BUILD your Downtown
    Downtown in a slump? Not sure what to do?

    We’ve been there. We also know exactly how to help take your downtown and turn it around. Join the team from SMALL NATION as they walk you through how to identify the perfect
    tenant mix for downtown animation and how to recruit them to open in your downtown area. This lesson includes how to “gently convince” existing building owners to renovate, the benefit of historic tax credits, and how to reposition properties to support one another’s growth. Learn how to attract local investors, recruit new local business owners and avoid red tape throughout the process. This is a video and workbook series taught by the SMALL NATION team.

    BUILD it with Experts: Small Town Development Mastermind
    Ready to invest in some intense, one-on-one learning?

    The Small Town Development Mastermind Program was designed to help municipalities or small town developers learn how to DEVELOP DIFFERENTLY. Get ready to meet face to face with the Small Nation team and receive expert advice, suggestions, and feedback designed for your town’s unique situation.

    Is your small town in a state of decline? Need help navigating push back from city leaders? Ready to invest in historic properties but aren’t sure where to begin? Join the SMALL NATION MASTERMIND GROUP and learn directly from those who have been in the trenches and have achieved success!

    Hosted by Jason Duff and the Small Nation team, the SN MASTERMIND GROUP is a year-long program for small towns or small town entrepreneurs who are truly ready for change. Join the
    SMALL TOWN MASTERMIND PROGRAM, and learn how to change your town through direct conversation with the Small Nation team.

    The Small Nation Mastermind Program registration is limited to X groups per year.