BUILD in your town.

At BUILD, we’re dedicated to creating a work community to help small businesses and solopreneurs in small towns. We’re actively looking for buildings in new communities. Are you ready to BUILD something great together?

We’re looking for smart people
in smart towns.

At BUILD Cowork + Space, we believe that small towns are filled with amazing people and even more amazing business ideas… the kind that can change the world. We believe it so much that we’ve revamped the big-city coworking model to fit small businesses. We’re taking existing building stock and historic properties and breathing new life into them. We’re creating the spaces for small business ideas to be born and the training that can help bring them to life.

And we’re ready to BUILD it all in your town.

BUILD Cowork + Space offers development and licensing packages for the BUILD model to towns who are ready to see their small business landscape grow. Interested? Reach out via the form below. We’d love to discuss the possibilities.

Let’s BUILD something great together.