In this month’s article, we’re detailing the myriad ways in which an individual can create a co-working and work-life balance. After all, the secret to succeeding in life is to master the challenge of balance, which, to be fair, can be difficult. However, it is possible to find harmony in a shared workspace—and we’re going to show you how. Take a look!

Respect Everyone’s Personal Space

Be mindful of others’ personal space and avoid intruding on their desks or workstations without permission. Remember, it’s always important to respect an individual’s boundaries and privacy—in all environments but especially in a shared area.

Maintain Cleanliness and Organization

Keep your workspace clean and tidy. For example, avoid clutter and ensure that any and all shared areas like the kitchen and meeting rooms are left in a presentable state after use.

When Needed, Use Headphones for Audio

If you need to listen to music, attend calls, watch videos, or do an activity that could be deemed “noisy” or “disruptive,” use headphones to avoid disturbing others. Remember that not everyone shares the same taste in music or needs to hear your conversations.

Be Mindful of Your Noise Levels

Keep noise levels to a minimum, especially in open office environments. Specifically, you’ll want to avoid loud conversations, phone calls, or any other disruptive activities that could distract others in the building from completing their work.

Use Collaboration Tools

Utilize collaboration tools, such as shared calendars, project management platforms, and messaging apps, to coordinate tasks and avoid unnecessary disruptions or confusion with other workers.

Establish Common Rules and Norms

Work with all of those around you to set common rules and norms for the shared workspace. This can include guidelines for phone usage, meeting room reservations, and quiet hours. Don’t forget that communication is key to successful relationships.

Practice Flexibility and Compromise

Be willing to accommodate the needs of other workers around when possible, and expect the same in return. Sometimes, finding harmony requires compromise. Though you may all be working for different companies and, therefore, not on the same team, it doesn’t mean you’re components.

Recognize and Appreciate Each Other

Show appreciation for all workers’ efforts and accomplishments. A positive and supportive atmosphere can enhance harmony in the workspace. Again, you’re not competing with anyone. There is room for everyone to succeed.

Address Conflicts Respectfully

In case of conflicts or disagreements, which can and do happen, address the issues constructively and respectfully. Avoid gossip or passive-aggressive behavior, and focus on finding a resolution. Remember, while you don’t have to agree with other peoples’ choices, you should respect them.

Encourage Team Building Activities

Organize team-building activities and social events to build camaraderie and foster a sense of community among coworkers. Even something as simple as a small happy hour at closing time can help create bonds and mutual respect for one another.

Mindful Breaks

Take breaks away from your workspace to give yourself and others some quiet time. This can help recharge and maintain focus when working together.

Remember, finding harmony in a shared workspace is a collective effort. By being considerate, respectful, and communicative, you can create a positive and productive work environment for everyone involved.

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