Nobody likes rules. Correction: Many people feel stifled and limited by rules. After all, isn’t one of the best parts of remote working the fact that you kind of get to do what you want as long as your assignments get finished on time?

At BUILD Cowork + Space, the last thing we want to do is stifle or limit you. We’re not about controlling what you do or don’t do with your rented space. However, to make sure everyone’s time and boundaries are being respected, we’ve put together a list of rules that should always be considered when participating in the coworking experience.

Actually, you know what? “Rules” is such a heavy word. Instead, let’s refer to this list as our “etiquette tips.” Whew! Much better, don’t you think?

5. Be Mindful of Noise

You don’t have to be silent or tiptoe around the building. However, you should use your inside voice when speaking, and understand that other people around you are trying to be productive, possibly even holding a meeting of some sort.

It’s about awareness, really. Be aware of your proximity to others and how much noise it’s necessary to make.

4. Keep It Clean

Remember, you’re not at home. You’re in a shared office space. Therefore, keep your designated area clean and somewhat orderly. Even more so, be courteous when using the bathroom, kitchen, and/or patio areas that are commonly used by everyone in the building.

Nobody wants to clean up after anyone else. The point of coworking isn’t to create more work for individuals. If everyone takes care of their own messes, this issue won’t even occur.

3. Stay Productive

Of course, it’s fun and interesting to chat and network with other members. Yet, it’s also imperative to remember that most people have deadlines that need to be met. As such, find a healthy balance of socializing while still staying productive.

Additionally, be aware of other people’s boundaries. Not everyone will want to chit-chat, and that’s their prerogative. It’s imperative to respect that.

2. Don’t Overuse Amenities

There’s enough to go around for everybody: WiFi, microwave time, printer ink. Don’t worry about running out of resources or amenities, but also don’t overuse or waste what’s available.

In continuing with our theme, be conscious of the other people around you—and in all aspects.

1. Sanitize Your Workspace

Not only is it important to keep your area clean and orderly, but it doesn’t hurt to keep it sanitized, too. Yes, go ahead and blame COVID for this. Just add it to the ever-growing list.

That being said, taking a little extra (and effortless) precaution to keep yourself and others safe and healthy during this time won’t hurt.  

At BUILD Cowork + Space, we want all members to enjoy themselves and keep coming back, that’s the ultimate goal. We’ve created a safe, fun, and convenient environment for anyone and everyone wanting to spice up their daily routine. The best way to ensure we can keep providing that environment is for all participants to do their part and help keep things running smoothly.

If you’ve used the space before or are using it now, we hope you’re enjoying the experience. If you’re still on the fence about coworking, then considering taking a quick, virtual tour of what we have to offer. Just click here to get started!