Are you still working from home? Do you like working from home? Back in March 2020, when remote work became the “new norm” for many professionals, the concept was fresh and exciting. Fast forward nearly a year and a half later, and for some, remote work has gotten a little tedious.

Sure, working remotely has its benefits. Yet if you are someone who enjoys going to the office every day, chatting with co-workers in person, attending meetings that aren’t all virtual, and having a little spontaneity each week, then you may find yourself going stir-crazy.

Don’t worry! We’re here to help you by offering three ways to make remote work fun again!

3. Create New Playlists

Are you motived by music? Are you able to work and listen to music at the same time? If so, try creating different music playlists to listen to throughout the day. To spice things up even further, consider listening to new artists or different genres—anything to help keep you alert, stimulated, and excited about your workday.

Depending on the type of music you enjoy listening to, don’t be afraid to get up periodically and bust a move. That’s right: There’s no better way to get the blood flowing and knock loose those cobwebs from your head than by shaking what your momma gave you!

2. Dress for Success

One of the biggest benefits of working from home may just be that you get to wear sweats. However, while working in sweatpants—or even your pajamas—may be comfortable, it can be hard to find the motivation to power through an eight-hour day. For something new, give dressing for success a try.

You can still keep your outfits casual, but make sure you’re having fun while getting dressed. For example, implement amusing rules, like Sandal Tuesdays or Black Shirt Fridays. You may be surprised at how much inspiration you have to get out of bed each day if you have something to look forward to—even if that something is a little silly.

1. Join BUILD  

Of course, we’ve saved the best tip for last: Join BUILD!

BUILD Cowork + Space in Downtown Bellefontaine and Marysville is a collaborative work community available to help small business owners and workers inspire, connect, and build something great—regardless of industry or specialty.

BUILD kind of gives you the best of both worlds: An office setting that you can use however you like. Feel like chatting and networking with other members? There are spaces designated for that. Yet, you’ll also have a designated desk or lockable private office (depending on the membership you choose) if you’d rather keep to yourself. Other perks include tricked-out conference rooms, whiteboards and smart TVs, onsite business training, and so much more!

The process is simple: Choose the type of pass that best suits your needs and instantly start working! It’s remote work like you’ve never experienced before—and once you have experienced it, we guarantee you won’t want to go back.

Questions or concerns? We’d love to hear them! To learn more about BUILD Cowork + Space and the amazing opportunity that awaits you, visit our website or simply call (937) 589-2600.