BELLEFONTAINE, OHIO, March 15, 2021 — Small Nation, a Bellefontaine, Ohio company dedicated to creating development, revitalization and business solutions for small towns, opened the flagship location of BUILD Cowork + Space in Bellefontaine March 1, 2021.

BUILD Cowork + Space is a collaborative work community designed to inspire, connect and enable small businesses and solopreneurs in small towns. BUILD’s Bellefontaine location boasts 8,000 square feet of shared work space in a newly renovated historic building at 139 W. Columbus Avenue.  

Designed as a flexible work space with the capacity to serve remote workers, entrepreneurs, and small business teams, BUILD offers state-of-the-art amenities and options for every business need. Three conference rooms with seating from 6 to 50 people are available for BUILD members, fully outfitted with smart TVs, video conferencing equipment and rolling white boards. 

The shared spaces at BUILD provide open desks and a shared kitchen, where members can prepare their work-day meals with unlimited coffee. Kitchenettes are also stationed on each floor for fast access to refreshments. In the warm weather months, a large rooftop patio will give members a space to gather with colleagues, host events or work outside in the fresh air. A sound-guarded podcast room is also available for those who would like to record and publish and market their own content.

Membership options at BUILD range from $39 drop-in day passes for occasional hot-desking to single monthly memberships under $100 that offer offer the community’s full amenities. Dedicated desk spaces with lockers are also available for daily workers, as are leased private offices and executive suites on the second and third floors.

“As we like to say, coworking is not just a big city word,” said Jason Duff, Small Nation Founder and CEO. “Now more than ever, small towns are in need of ways to stimulate a culture of entrepreneurship and support the growth of small businesses, and that means creating options. Yes, coworking is definitely cool, but in today’s working climate it is also an essential bridge between the way business has worked in the past and how it will work in the future. In our post-pandemic world, many corporate workers who began working from home will continue to do so. Employers have seen the benefits of remote and flexible work options. Small towns now have the opportunity to not only support this change, but establish a path for the growth of new businesses within their community. The way we see it, coworking is a win-win for small towns all around.” 

BUILD is more than just a shared work space. Members also have access to on-site entrepreneurial programming and business coaching to help them develop strategies, learn new skills, and create the foundation fo a brighter, stronger, more successful future.

“We created BUILD as a model for small towns,” says Duff. “The support system is a crucial part of this, because with adequate guidance, small businesses have a much better chance of thriving. It’s part of the turnkey package that we will be offering to other communities in the near future. We’re looking forward to bringing BUILD to other small towns very soon.”

BUILD’s focus on expanding in only small town locations is a strategic move to help boost the economic growth and stability of downtown areas.   

“The impact a coworking space can potentially have on local commerce is impressive,” said Bo Alexander, Community Manager at BUILD Bellefontaine. “BUILD Members will now be flowing into downtown Bellefontaine on a regular basis, buying coffee, eating lunch, shopping and even going to the gym, which is downtown as well. Coworking establishments can concentrate a large number of people in one location in a way a single office space cannot. It should be a boost to the local economy as our members support other downtown businesses while they grow their own. Coworking is definitely a whole community concept.”

BUILD Cowork + Space serves the city of Bellefontaine and surrounding areas, including the growing Route 33 corridor. Small Nation is in the process of establishing additional BUILD locations. The second BUILD Cowork + Space is scheduled to open in Marysville, Ohio in the summer of 2021, and they are currently in search of new small towns across the country for

future development and expansion. Interested towns should contact Matt Staugler, Small Nation Director of Product Development at or 937-565-4580.

About BUILD Cowork + Space

Introducing BUILD Cowork + Space: A collaborative work community designed to inspire, connect and enable small businesses and solopreneurs. Located in 8,000 square feet of space in a renovated historic structure Downtown Bellefontaine, BUILD Cowork & Space features community work space, dedicated desk space, private offices and executive suites surrounded by all the amenities you’d ever need to succeed. 

To learn more about BUILD Cowork + Space, visit or follow BUILD on social media at @buildcowork.

BUILD Cowork + Space

139 W. Columbus Ave

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About Small Nation:

SMALL NATION develops places, spaces and dreams for small towns and small town entrepreneurs across the country. They create revitalization concepts and plans for towns, create business concepts, brands and workforce solutions, then market it all in the name of small town success.

To learn more about Small Nation, visit or follow them on social media at @smallnationstrong.

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